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<b><i>Diversity</i></b>  an open access journal by MDPI Diversity an open access journal by MDPI

Diversity (IF 2.465) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal on the science of biodiversity from molecules, genes, populations, and species, to ecosystems. Diversity ranks 27/60 Q2 in JCR “Biodiversity Conservation” category.
Manuscripts are peer-reviewed and a first decision provided to authors approximately 14.1 days after submission; acceptance to publication is undertaken in 3.6 days (median values for papers published in this journal in the first half of 2021).



Telenax is a wildlife tracking equipment manufacturer since 2005. We can provide VHF radio tracking for any lagomorph species and GPS for any individual over 600 grams. Over the years many projects on lagomorphs have used our products with great success. We offer great quality and the best prices.

- Contact: info@telenax.com


e-obs produces high-end GPS tags and collars for a wide range of species. Combining technological and biological expertise, we offer reliable and light-weighted materials for next generation studies aimed to gain deeper insights into small-scale movement and animal behavior. We are dedicated to animal welfare, quality tags and customer support.



Ecotone Telemetry produce various kinds of GPS-GSM loggers for wildlife tracking. Our Ecotone telemetry equipment for birds and mammals is worldwide used and let researchers to obtain the unique and precise data about animal behaviour and migrations. Ecotone loggers are also custom designed to meet the researchers needs.

To order visit our e-shop: www.ecotone.com.pl

Find us on facebook

Ecotone Telemetry catalogue: e-Ecotone_Telemetry_2021.pdf



When facing nearly every major conservation problem from human-wildlife conflict to climate change, monitoring biodiversity and the movement of species is essential to our understanding of the ecosystems we’re protecting. Building on its core radiofrequency engineering background, XeriusTracking developed miniaturised devices using GPS, Argos, UHF, GSM and Bluetooth technologies.
Our main solution, BioLoc, comprises miniaturised GPS/UHF and Argos devices which can communicate using both Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) technology and a direct-to-satellite data link (Argos). It is a private and secure network. The use of geofencing to switch to an Argos satellite network when ground-based UHF communication networks are not within reach offers a hybrid Space-LPWAN solution, combining efficiency with global connectivity. The combination of UHF devices communicating with Argos technology is cutting-edge, mirroring state-of-the-art ‘IoT Sat’ systems which aim to provide Argos and UHF ultra-low power communication anywhere on earth. XeriusTracking has developed super-lightweight BioLoc transmitters which can be collared or back-packed on species. This technology is already used on lagomorph and gives accurate data on its species.

Find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube @XeriusTracking

For more information on our solutions, contact Virginie Perilhon Delepoulle: virginie.perilhon@xerius.fr
<br><br><b>World Lagomorph Society WLS</b>

World Lagomorph Society WLS

The World Lagomorph Society (WLS) is an association, which intends to intensify the communication between persons who are interested in the research, management and conservation of lagomorphs (rabbits, hares and pikas).

- Contact: wls(at)worldlagomorphsociety.org
<br><br><b>Office Français de la Biodiversité OFB</b>

Office Français de la Biodiversité OFB

The French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) is a public institution dedicated to the protection and restoration of biodiversity in metropolitan and overseas France, under the supervision of the Ministries of Ecological Transition and Agriculture and Food.

- Address: OFB, 12 cours Lumière, 94300 Vincennes, France
<br><br><b>Université Sorbonne Paris Nord</b>

Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

The Université Sorbonne Paris Nord (formerly named 'Université Paris 13') has 24,000 students, spread across five campuses pursuing degrees or continuing education. Truly multi-disciplinary in nature, the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord is a major center of teaching and research in the north of Paris.

<br><br><b>Institut Francilien d'Ethologie | IFE</b>

Institut Francilien d'Ethologie | IFE

The Institut Francilien d’Ethologie (IFE) is an important interlocutor for questions on animal behaviour in the Parisian region. The institute also organizes the annual International Student Conference in Behavioural Biology.
- Contact: IFE.info.contact(at)gmail.com

<br><br><b>German Society for Mammalian Biology | DGS</b>

German Society for Mammalian Biology | DGS

The German Society for Mammalian Biology aims to promote the research and conservation of mammal species in their natural habitats. This is achieved through the publication of the scientific journal Mammalian Biology and through regular scientific meetings at which current topics and research activities from all areas of mammalian biology are presented and discussed. Society members have free access to the journal Mammalian Biology.

The self-concept of the German Society for Mammalian Biology is to act as an integrative institution that promotes the exchange of information between organizations active in the field of mammalogy.

Find us on Twitter @MammBiol

<b>Laboratoire d'Ethologie Expérimentale et Comparée • UR4443</b> Laboratoire d'Ethologie Expérimentale et Comparée • UR4443

The Laboratoire d'Ethologie Expérimentale et Comparée (LEEC), one of the 25 laboratories at the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, is co-organiser and also sponsor of the WLC6.
The main focus of our laboratory is to investigate mechanisms, ontogeny, function and evolution of social behavior in animals. We mainly study social insects (hymenoptera and termites), marine worms (polychaetes) and small mammals (murid mice and rabbits).

Find us on Twitter @LEEC_USPN

<b>La Région Occitanie</b> La Région Occitanie

L'Occitanie is an administrative region in the south of France surrounding the city of Montpellier, where the conference will take place. This region has resulted from the fusion of the former regions Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées.
- Address 1: Hôtel de Région Toulouse 22, boulevard du Maréchal Juin, 31406 Toulouse Cedex 9, France
- Address 2: Hôtel de Région Montpellier, 201 avenue de la Pompignane, 34064 Montpellier Cedex 02, France

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